Porsche Danbury Proudly Sponsored Historic Festival 39 @ Lime Rock Park

September 8th, 2021 by

Here’s a quick recap for those who weren’t fortunate enough to make it to Lime Rock Park over the Labor Day Weekend:

The sheer volume, variety, and quality of Porsches, old, new and everything in between, was overwhelming.  Porsches were racing on the track, the Porsche Corral was a sight to behold, and our friend Steven Harris was so generous to display his outstanding collection for all to admire.   Porsche Danbury also sponsored Saturday evening’s dinner featuring Skip Barber, and renowned racers Brian Redman & Stefan Johansson.  The Sunday in the Park Concours was outstanding, despite not ideal weather.  To top off the excitement, we also hosted 2 days of lunchtime Taycan hotlaps that left most of the participants speechless.  If you are in town next Labor Day, make sure the Historic Festival 40 is on your calendar!



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